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TCM® Academy Monitoring I+II is taking place in Hamburg 2-3 June

Our TCM® Retrofit & Monitoring Service is our TCM® hardware and TCM® Monitoring service offered in ONE single package to a low monthly fee.

If your company operate Siemens turbines you already have TCM® installed, why not use our TCM® Monitoring Service?

As the developer and manufacture of the system no one else knows the system as we do, and we understand that every customer is different, and that is why we offer 3 different levels of monitoring services.

Visit us at AWEA WINDPOWER 2015 at booth #2512 to learn more about above mentioned services and/or feel free to book a meeting with us during the event by contacting Sales Manager Sune Guldbrand Hansen  moc.l1436330354hujma1436330354rg@hg1436330354s1436330354

TCM® Academy

Our newly launched TCM® Academy will give a training seminar “TCM® Technician”  May 18th in connection with AWEA 2015 in Orlando, FL.


IdeTechnical Updates

TCM® software version 7.3.1 and 8.1.1
These two releases are packed with new features both within TCM® ocular suite, the M-System and the Site Server. To make use of TCM® Ocular suite a registration is needed from now on, which will offer a more updated and open communication between Gram & Juhl and our customers. The M- System has recovered a permanent fix for Shell-Shock vulnerability and therefore this has been made as an open source – everybody can open and download it. The Site Server has been updated with retrospective calculations of “RMS Harmonic” which calculates indicators for historical data.  Highlights of this release include: A measurement history plot as a new plot type in our TCM® Diagnostic Tools Program, Ocular. This plot makes it easy to get a quick overview of the turbines condition. This is completed by illustrating all alarm events occurred in a turbines lifetime, specified for each power bin. This is a handy tool in order to make the development of the components damages visible on a timeline. Furthermore a history plot can also detect the thinning of data on the server.


Also known as a Bash door, hit our systems late September. Just two days later the bug was discovered and was fixed. Shellshock is asecurity bug which can be planted anywhere. Our problem with this kind of bug is that it interferes with our entire TCM® System and we came to the question whether a new software release was needed or not? Therefore our developers came up with a solution to distribute a new Bach version to all our systems, without the need to update the firmware in our M-System.





Gram & Juhl to reveal our bundled service at AWEA WINDPOWER 2015

Gram & Juhl to explore marine & offshore industry with KONGSBERG

We are pleased to announce that the Norwegian corporation, KONGSBERG has taken a giant leap forward and selecting Gram & Juhl as their cooperative in supporting their Wind Farming Management System (WFMS) which is an independent turbine support system.

KONGSBERG has selected Gram & Juhl due to the company’s TCM® Technology and the many years’ experience in wind turbine condition monitoring, where Gram & Juhl has more than 1.500 wind turbine offshore installations and more than 13.000 installations in total world-wide.

The framework agreement between KONGSBERG and Gram & Juhl also includes exploring possibilities to apply the TCM® Technology in the marine and offshore industry.

Axel Juhl, CEO, Gram & Juhl states, “KONGSBERG is an excellent partner, with their huge experience from marine and offshore, to support our efforts to expand utilization of the TCM® Technology into other industries”

For further information, please contact: Sune Guldbrand Hansen, Sales Manager, Gram & Juhl, moc.l1436330354hujma1436330354rg@HG1436330354S1436330354

New Help Desk System

Gram & Juhl improves support capabilities through our new Help Desk System – Please have a look at

New campaign about TCM® Retrofit and Monitoring
For those interested in retrofitting their turbines with Turbine Condition Monitoring, we offer our TCM® Retrofit and Monitoring package for a low fixed monthly fee. Combine our state-of-the-art TCM® Technology with our cost-effective service for your next retrofit project.

Green smiley from the Danish Working Enviroment Authority
The Smileys are published on the Working Environment Authority’s website and allow the general public to see how an enterprise is doing in terms of health and safety. A green Smiley indicates that the enterprise has no issues with the Working Environment Authority.